Make Up Your Mind EP

by Vacations

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released April 29, 2010

Engineered and Mixed by: Kory Gable. Produced by: Kory Gable and Vacations. Mastered by: Paul Leavitt



all rights reserved


Vacations Lancaster, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Make Up Your Mind
She was taken by the summer nights
Spent her weekends in Eastern Standard Time.
Dreaming in black and white
Seeing colors only in her eyes
(She’s the girl that’s driving me mad,
Sometimes I just can’t help but to laugh)

Your say you’re sorry, but then give me sunburn
You say you love me, but then say it’s over
Make Up Your Mind
Make Up Your Mind
…My city girl cries tonight
It’s for you…

Driving all night to the eastern shoreline
To see the colors in her eyes
Call me crazy
I’m just insane for her
(I want this so bad)

(She says she wants somebody to love, I said “hey girl, I know someone”
She’s got all the wrong ideas, “Thanks, but no thanks nice to meet you.”
I said “I need somebody to love” She said “Hey Boy, you got me all wrong. It’s all over now, so you best move along, cause you’re only making this harder on yourself. )

So Shut Up, Get out , Come on
Don’t even think about
Get up, Get out, let’s go
Come on
Track Name: Hometown Love Story
Oh yeah,
Well were tangled in taxi cabs
Holding hands, just for the laugh
As you’d bat your eyes, you’d say
“You would never fix anything”

So now we’ll see girl, we’ll see
Cause love stories aren’t what they seem cause
“You would never fix anything”

I gotta get out, I gotta get out of this town

I see your tears fall
I hear the bars crawl
I feel your heartbeat
up in the cheap seats
And there is just no doubt
that I need to get out
(Get out of this town)

Are you down?
Did you figure out if
There is just no doubt
That I need to get out
(Get out of this town)

From the highlights in your hair
To those evil bedroom stares
You’d clench your fists and say
“You’re the one who did this to me”

So now we’ll dream yeah
We’ll dream
Cause our love stories weren’t like the movies and
“You’re the one who did this to me”
and now…
Track Name: Bring It Back
(Let’s Bring it Back)
Let your mind go
Give me your heart girl
Fake the love
Hide the gun
Let your body flow
I’m ripping up all your hard wood floors
Exposing secrets you never knew where there before

She misses summer when the days were growing longer and she
She misses nights, every night I wouldn’t stay with her
Local bars, they cry out until 2am
Asking the sidewalks if her tears have been on them.

Let’s bring it back
To when your heart was beating for me
Let’s bring it back
To when the stars were smaller and we
Were just to kids, falling in love
Just let me be, let me be your crush

Don’t tell anyone about the way I hold your hand
I don’t want anyone to know or simply understand
You’re taking trips to the heart of the city
Leaving your heart on the bedroom floor next to me

Girl, I know your ways
Hey, Love, Look at what you got now

(I don’t wanna be the last boy that you see before you ripped out my heart to wear on your sleeve. Why can’t we go back to what we used to be?)
Track Name: Falling For You
Well your love is like an addict
Always making boys ecstatic
But I know you’ll never truly show off
All the nights that we would spend
In apartments of our closest friends
You knew that I would never stop

I’m giving up tonight
Cause I know you right
And I think that you might own this town
With your little black dress
Cause me a lot of stress
And girl I know you’re down
I might be wrong
But you swear you right

Well at least you’re my girl for tonight

(So give it up and give it away)
Cause all I’m trying to say is
I think I’m falling for you
Take my heart. Don’t throw it away,
What I’ve been trying to say
Tonight girl
I think I’m falling for you
(Oh, oh, oh)
I’m on top of the world
(Oh, oh, oh)
She never thought that I’d
Give it up and give it away
Cause all I’m trying to say
Is I Think I’m falling for you)

She’s got
Style from shoulders knees and toes
She hides her smile, but I know
Her outrageous, love’s contagious

She ties my insides into knots
And speeds the beating of my heart
She so lovely, I’m so lucky

(I’m not getting)
Shot Down, Shot Down
No, not tonight
(It’s gonna be)
Lock Down, Lock Down
Pull her in tight
And I’ll take her by the hand and spin her round and around
And I know our love won’t hit the ground
..This Apartment’s Cold.
Track Name: Topography
They say a heart breaks in two places
Well mine’s shattered all over the floor
And her topography’s now my sympathy

It’s 3 am,
We’d still be out
Just laughing, drinking
O’ downtown
But she claims “that’s all over now”
I will always love you…

So what’s next: cry, fall asleep, and be alone?
Same routine: just another night on the phone
And you’ll know
If you’re thinking what I’m thinking,
Then you’re thinking: “you’re completely wrong”

I heard from a friend that you’ve been asking for me
And that you feel like the airplane that was always in my dreams
(the one who never noticed me)

We’ve had too many conversations through hotel doors
And now it’s getting hard and I wish I could just ignore
Your eyes, your lips, your face, your hips, your taste
O’ Why can’t you see??
I will always love you

So what’s next: cry, fall asleep, and be alone?
Same routine: just another night on the phone
And you’ll know
If you’re thinking what I’m thinking,
Then you’re thinking:

Well I know you want to blame it on me
So, Go ahead and point your fingers, sweet
And you’ll know
If you’re thinking what I’m thinking,
Then you’re thinking: “You’re completely wrong”

I’ve been taking a lot of time
Deciding what to say
“It’s all for youuuuu.”